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Couples, Marital, and Family Therapy

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Couples, Marital & Family Therapy

Intimate relationships are an important part of the human experience. They can add a richness and a complexity to life. Sometimes couples struggle to communicate, manage conflict, and distance grows amid the many obligations they juggle every day. We utilize a variety of methods and interventions based in research to support couples across all areas of racial, cultural, economic and sexual orientations. Goals of couple’s treatment may be to increase intimacy, address barriers to connectedness, obtain tools to manage conflict, repair past hurts and reduce negative interactional patterns.

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Who Is Couples, Marital & Family Therapy For?

Some of the relationship issues that may be addressed in couples and marital therapy include:

  • Frequent arguments and escalating conflicts over smaller, as well as larger ongoing issues.
  • Dysfunctional communication patterns
  • Emotionally disconnected couples nearing separation
  • Specific problems such as addictions, sexual difficulties, infidelity, finances, past trauma, and parenting

Family therapy is ultimately about using the power of relationships and love to
support each family member to be as healthy as possible, which in turn creates a
stronger family unit. Families often seek this type of therapy to develop healthy
communication, increase effective coping skills, and develop boundaries to maintain healthy roles within the family system. Families work together to heal from past hurts and learn how each member’s individual behaviors affect the whole. Family therapy has been found to be effective in reducing the severity of substance use, lowering marital and family conflict, improving family communication and cohesion as well as promoting effective parenting practices. Through family therapy sessions, parents learn to best support the growth and appropriate independence of their children (regardless of age) while also realizing their own potential in the various roles they play in their lives. Some issues which may be addressed in family therapy are:

  • Strained relationships between partners or other family members
  • Financial or marital problems
  • Impacts of addictions or mental health issues on the family as a whole